My Salary Has Been Deducted – Can I Request A Rent Deferment?

We’ve all been there: as soon as Covid-19 hit and the country began to take stringent lockdown measures, layoffs and salary deductions began to wreak havoc on the economy.

Before we knew it, many of us were left hanging on salary deductions that barely covered expenses, and many more laid off and forced to take odd jobs or leave the country.

While banks were quick to provide support such as 3-month deferments on car loans, landlords had to take a different approach. The situation had hit them too, after all. With most of the expats gone, their properties were now empty.

This is where the situation begs the question: Can you request a rent deferment or reduction from your landlord?

First of all, we suggest you book an appointment with your landlord to discuss what kind of support they can offer.

Take evidence, just for argument’s sake. If you’ve received a memo or email, take these with you. Salary slips may help too, so gather any information that might be useful.

Most of the time, a landlord will agree and might give you a few months of ease. Some might not agree on a deferment but might agree to dividing quarterly checks into monthly payments.

There is a great chance that a landlord will agree to support, however, there is little that can be done if they don’t budge.

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