The Prophet’s (pbuh) Birthday – The Next Long Weekend Public Holiday

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We often rejoice after the announcement of a public holiday, especially if it becomes a long weekend. The majority of the UAE population takes part in enthusiastic celebrations that follow or gear up for weekend activities they’ve been looking forward to.

The next public holiday, however, holds great religious importance. With most of the UAE population comprising of expats, here’s what you need to know about this particular holiday.

The Prophet’s (pbuh) birthday is an important date for Muslims around the world, much like Christmas signifies the birth of Jesus (pbuh). Both prophets are greatly respected in Islam. The actual date of the Prophet’s birth is unknown, but some narrations narrow it down to the 12 of the Holy Month Rabbi-ul-Awwal. The holiday is also referred to as Eid Mawlid al Nabawi.

Muslims around the world celebrate the occasion by sending blessings to the Prophet (pbuh), distributing food to their loved ones and to the needy, and participating in acts of worship throughout the day.

Like most other Islamic holidays, the date is dependent on the sighting of the moon, meaning this holiday may fall on either Wednesday, 28th of October or Thursday, 29th of October.

The UAE government will officially announce the Public Holiday as the weekend approaches, but there is likely to be a long weekend ahead.

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